Le 28 mai 2017 au Club Canin Chomedey, Finnigan et Cibelle ont réussi le test de tempérament de Temperament Test  Associates Inc.. On ajoute donc à leur nom la mention TT meme si ce test n'est pas reconnu par le CKC c'est avec fierté que nous allons ajouter ces lettres.

Voici ce que comprend le test:




These temperament evaluations show a dog’s reaction to his environment. A dog has either good temperament or not, no matter what breed! But all breeds of dogs do show a different disposition as part of the characteristics of that particular breed.  

Testers evaluate the dog’s reactions at each of the 10 subtests. A walk through may be provided. At that time questions may be asked.  

During the test, dogs are on a choke-type collar and a 6 ft. lead. They may not be under any kind of command or attempted influence by the handler.  

The character and/or disposition of all breeds of dogs varies depending on what they were meant to be used for. ie. herding, sledding, hunting, working or guarding. But GOOD TEMPERAMENT IS GOOD TEMPERAMENT and BAD TEMPERAMENT IS BAD TEMPERAMENT - IN ANY DOG OF ANY BREED. In these evaluations all dogs are judged according to their age, breed and socialization.  

The owner of each dog passing the testing requirements will receive a certificate with the dog’s name and breed designation. The dogs name may now be listed with the letters TT after the dog’s name.



TESTS #1, #2, #3 : Behaviour Toward Strangers

Objective: To determine the dog’s reaction to strangers in a non-threatening situation.


TEST#1 Neutral Stranger

A stranger approaches but ignores the dog.


TEST #2 Friendly Stranger

A stranger approaches and is friendly to the dog.


TEST #3 Crowd

The dog is surrounded by a group of people.


TESTS #4, #5  : Reaction to Acoustic Stimuli

Objective: To test the dog’s reaction to two acoustic stimuli, and to measure the dog’s investigative behaviour. This test shows alertness and curiosity.


TEST #4 Hidden Clattering

A noise is heard but not seen.


TEST #5 Gun Test

A gun is fired out of sight of the dog.


Test #6 : Reaction to a Visual Stimulus

Objective: To test the dog’s reaction to a sudden visual stimulus. To measure the dog’s investigative behaviour and the startle recovery time.


Test #6 : Umbrella Test

An umbrella is opened in the dog’s line of vision.


Test #7 : Reaction to Unusual Footing

Objective : To measure the dog’s reaction to unusual footing.


Test #7 Footing -

The dog is walked over an uncomfortable surface.


Test #8, #9, #10 : Self Protectiveness/Aggressive Reaction

Objective : To test the dog’s capacity to focus on an unusual stimulus (#8), to recognize a threat (#9), and to react in the face of a threat (#10).


Test #8 Recognizes Stimuli

The dog notices unusual behaviour in its line of vision.


Test #9 Recognizes Threat

The unusual behaviour approaches the dog.


Test #10 Dog is Threatened

The behaviour poses a threat.


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